Our service is carried out with the utmost professionalism by our skilled and highly qualified engineers utilising state of the art research grade equipment and innovative procedures to produce reliable, efficient and economical results.

Our Scanning Electron Microscope allows us to analyse samples and determine the failure method as well as detect hydrogen embrittlement. The SEM can also be used in reverse engineering and R&D projects as it is capable of viewing samples at up to 200,000x magnification.

Evolution Testing and Analytical Services are proud to promote our core values:

Integrity: Through an uncompromisingly honest and ethical approach to all of our operations, where we are dedicated to honouring our commitments, whilst always encouraging mutual respect and trust.

Innovation: Where we constantly explore new techniques and hold creativity and imagination in high regard. We remain steadfast in our commitment to create new ways of employing our expertise through our work.

Excellence: Remains critical throughout all areas of our business and we pride ourselves on the fact that we produce highly accurate results with the most economical methods where safety is built into our practices.

Sustainability: We are dedicated to the protection of the environment, and actively seek to lower our carbon footprint.