Our Services

Evolution Testing & Analytical Services provides premier testing services to clients in the following industries: Aerospace, Law Enforcement, Construction, Waste Management, Engineering, Infrastructure, Research & Development, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Manufacture, Medical, Military and Petrochemical.

Metrology is the science of measurement. We can provide extensive metrology services on micro and macro samples. We use fully calibrated instruments and equipment traceable to the national standards to ensure that our clients receive the most accurate results possible.

We can offer our services to private individuals, companies, organisations, governmental departments, trading standards, universities and other bodies.

Evolution Testing & Analytical Services:

Independent testing laboratory based in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Authority, compliance and accreditation:

Fully UKAS accredited independent testing laboratory.


Evolution Testing & Analytical Services Quality Policy is to provide competitive services of the highest standards of performance and reliability. We endeavour to consistently satisfy the requirements and expectations of our clients and achieve success.

This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a laboratory management system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 17025: 2005 and reflects the competency of the laboratory to existing and prospective customers as well as independent authorities.

The Laboratory Quality Objectives are as follows:

  1. To maintain an effective Quality Assurance System complying with BS EN ISO 17025: 2005.
  2. To provide competitive services of the highest standards of performance and reliability; thus ensuring the laboratory’s reputation with clients.
  3. To meet the laboratory quality objectives and ensure compliance with relevant customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  4. Maintaining a laboratory environment and associated services consistent with the guidelines of BS EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005.
  5. Providing testing in accordance with BS EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005, our quality documents/customer requirements, and carried out by fully trained personnel to comply with the quality requirements, policies and procedures of our management system.
  6. Offering personalised and consistent customer support.
  7. Meeting our product delivery and service turnaround expectations.
  8. Maintaining a well trained, motivated work force founded on teamwork and fostered by group activities, an open culture, the free flow of ideas, and advancement opportunity for employees seeking to increase their contributions to the organisation.
  9. To endeavour at all times, to maximise customer satisfaction.
  10. To pro-actively promote and encourage a culture of continuous improvement within the Laboratory.

We understand that our goal of customer satisfaction can only be achieved through the consistency, quality and efficiency of our processes and our customer service.